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East lake

Buffalo City East Lake Bourbon Whiskey is 100% North Carolina Bourbon using corn grown on our own farm located near the north shore of Lake Mattamuskeet in Fairfield, NC. The pre-historic Blacklands soils produce bountiful and flavorful grains that impart exceptional flavors to our whiskies.

OVERALL – Complex flavors, smooth. Sip neat, with an ice cube or in your favorite cocktail

NOSE – Sweet notes of maple with a hint of fresh cinnamon buns, mint, and cedar

TASTE – Hints of molasses and baking spices underlay the flavors of charred oak, dried apple, and tobacco

FINISH – clean and bright with lingering notes of citrus, pipe tobacco and oak


East Lake

Buffalo City East Lake Whiskey is a proprietary blend of North Carolina Bourbon and Straight Rye Whiskey all distilled in state using local grains, including corn from our own local farm. This blend honors the famous East Lake Whiskey made in Buffalo City, NC 100 years ago that was smuggled into New York City speakeasies throughout prohibition.

OVERALL – Bold flavor, smooth drinking. Excellent neat or in cocktails

NOSE – cereal grain, honey, apricot & peaches

TASTE – Rye spice with sweet vanilla & cinnamon

FINISH – Leather, light oak, pepper & dried fruit


Crisp Apple Flavored

Buffalo City Crisp Apple Whiskey is a premium spirit with natural flavors of tree-ripened Honeycrisp Apple slices. Deliciously refreshing on the rocks or used in your favorite cocktails, this easy drinking whiskey has a remarkably clean and smooth finish.

NOSE – Fresh apples and cotton candy

TASTE – fresh honeycrisp apple slices with slight hints of caramel

FINISH – clean, smooth with lingering Honeycrisp Apple. No syrupy mouthfeel or taste


Honey Roasted Almond Flavored

Buffalo City Honey Roasted Almond Flavored Whiskey is our innovative spin on the popular peanut butter whiskeys, but with the rich flavor of almonds and honey. Deliciously smooth on ice or a nutty addition to your cocktails. Great for after-dinner drinks such as a Mudslide, Chocolate Martini, or other similar dessert cocktails.

NOSE – raw peanuts and cherries

TASTE – buttery roasted almond and slightly sweet

FINISH – smooth and silky yet clean finish, a little heat on the lips and lasting nut flavor


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